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What Goes AroundÖÖÖ

By Ė Mamie Mondragon Curameng


Hi folks! Itís nice to know that we are now publishing the second issue of the Newsletter. We hope that we will be able to continue with it as a way to keep in touch with the Membership. To tell you the truth, Iím already looking forward to the next issue! For now, Iím hoping that I have enough tidbits to share with you. Just to make sure I do, I would like you to get in touch with me about whatís going on in your life (details on this at the end of this column). Share with us, the happy times as well as the sad times.. We would like to bask in your joy as well as empathize with your gloom. We can certainly pray that our Lord would give us more of the former and less of the latter.

First of course is the news from our President, Pearl Garganera-Gauzon. Wedding bells rang for her daughter Carmela (Mia for short) and Clifford "Cliff" Schamber on April18 last year at St. Rose of Lima Church in Gaithersburg, MD.. Congratulations to the newlyweds. May your union be blessed with more joy in years to come.

Two new names has been added to our list of Grandmas. As of last report they were busy fussing over their "Apos". Congratulations to Grandma Irene Jaro whose daughter Madolyn and Son-In-Law Chip Hamilton are the proud parents of Tyler William. If thatís not enough to keep her busy, her son Joel and his wife Nelia just had a baby girl of their own. Her name is Christina Marie. We also announce the arrival of Anna Marie, born to Joe and Julie Vallario. She is the former Julie Huntington whose parents are no other than our very active members Ted and Claire Huntington. This writer is fortunate enough to be there as I work at the same hospital where the baby was born.. These two grandmas should be considered armed with a bag full of baby pictures and is considered to be dangerous to be asking about their grandchildren unless you have at least 30 minutes to spend.

Nestor and Willie Camina hosted a dinner on August 25 in honor of Congressman Anthony Dequina of Cotabato. On hand to celebrate the occasion were: Joe Burgos, Tessie Calderon, Emma Dacquel, Les Digamon, Agnes and Lando Evidente, Nerita Estampador-Ulep, Paeng Fial, Apin Gatchalian, Pearl Gauzon, Tess Guevara-Taylor, Claire and Ted Huntington, Irene Jaro , Nelia Mirasol-Locsin, Rochelle and Jess Lopez. Emma and Denny Resumadero, Beth and John Swallow, and last but certainly not least, the Vigilars. Congressman Dequina was very glad to have been given the opportunity to meet the Ilonggos of metropolitan Washington, DC. He gave a briefing on the current national defense of the Philippines of which he is the Chairman in the House as well as answered questions on a variety of issues such as the Spratly Islands, the Visitors Foreign Aid, real property ownership, overseas voting rights and dual citizenship. .

We mourn the passing of one of our most active members, Veronica Fial. Veron as we fondly call her, will be sadly missed. Expressions of Sympathy and Condolences can be directed to Paeng Fial who can be reached at 703-916-9148 . Prayers can be said at anytime. Fr. John Barro, a visiting Filipino priest, now taking classes at the Washington Theological Union, said the Mass of the Resurrection.

The Association would like to recognize Dr. Willie Camina and Dr. Diosdado Ulep for donating a bountiful supply of antibiotics, heart pills, diabetes pills, and other drugs that are now on their way to the Philippines in care of Dr. Fe Tigtig Mamon of HELP-Panay. We also laud the "packing crew", headed by Emma Resumadero, with the help of Susan Lavilla (our new member), Jess and Rochelle Lopez, Pearl Gauzon, and Mamie Curameng( thatís me. I helped too you know).

Iím sure itís hard to miss the new logo and the new name of our Newletter. Our thanks to Andrew Evidente, who designed the logo and to Nestor Camina who gave it a new name -- Budyong. Drs. Elmo and Offie Gayoso kindly put up the $75 prize. Nestor, in turn, donated the amount to AIM. Such gesture should not go unrecognized. AIM thanks Nestor for his spontaneous generosity.

Boy, are we getiing High-Tech around here. Did you know that AIM has its very own website? Yes, we do! Itís I have not visited it myself but I heard itís good. Ilonggos, globally, have dropped by, leaving encouraging, amusing and interactive messages. Why donít we all try it soon? Better still, bookmark it for easy access next time.

On Saturday, September 18, AIM held its annual family picnic at the Lake Accotink Park in Springfield, VA. After days of drizzle and fog the past days, for a change, the sun was out, and the temperature was in the low 80ís. Everyone had a good time snapping pictures, downing savory dishes and just wholesome interaction all around. Jess Lopez took charge of the food menu. Mommy Fe Burgos prepared a spread for her granddaughterís birthday, which was celebrated in the Park with everyone joining in the singing of Happy Birthday. Joelle turned 7 and received the good wishes of the picnickers.

AIM was one of two Filipino-American organizations invited by Ambassador Ernesto Maceda at Vice President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyoís reception held in the Philippine Embassy last Monday, September 27. Delicious Filipino food and hospitality pervaded. Among the guests were: Nestor Camina, Ted and Claire Huntington with their son Jay, Irene Jaro, Pearl Garganera-Gauzon, Vic Paul Guevara, Benny Sian, Zeny Tabligan, Salome Tan.

News Flash!! This just in. Our Alma Pabilona, who is currently the Vice-Principal of The Immaculate Conception School was recently selected to be among the Whoís Who in a leading Teacherís Publication. Go girl!!

Donít forget to check our schedule of events. Perhaps you would like to add to it.

That should wrap it up till the next issue. We would like to hear from you so we can mention your activities in the next issue. You can use the phone and call me or you can e-mail me at MAMIEMOON@AOL.COM. We look forward to hearing from you. Till thenÖ...




October 15-17, 1999: New York City Convention of the Federation of Filipino Americans. AIMís president, Pearl Garganera-Gauzon was the resource speaker on Overseas Voting Rights and Dual Citizenship.

November 21, 1999: Paskohang Pinoy in Constitution Hall, DAR, Washington, DC. First singing rehearsal on Friday, October 29 at the I building of the World Bank, 1818 H St., NW. By metro: exit on 18th St., NW, of Farragut West. Contact Alma Pabilona at 202-833-2283; Zeny Tabligan at 301-621-1069; Mamie Curameng, 301-203-9159.

December 9, 1999: AIM Christmas party. Details to be announced later.

January 22-27, Y2K: AIM/ Feed the Hungry (FtH) partnership in a gift-giving trip to Iloilo,

Bacolod City, Silay City, Negros Occidental, hopefully, San Jose, Antique, and Roxas City, Capiz..

Iloiloís Governor Arthur Defensor and his wife, Cosette Rivera-Defensor, will host the Team. You are most welcome to join the mission! Contact Tessie Calderon at 202-623-5805 or Pearl Gauzon at 202-473-6388.

March 4, Y2K: Dinagyang celebration and major fund-raising. Details to be announced later.




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