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Western Visayas
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Western Visayas is located in Central Philippines and lies between two large bodies of water, namely, Sibuyan Sea and the Visayas Sea. The Region is composed of six provinces:

a. Aklan

b. Antique

c. Capiz

d. Iloilo

e. Negros Occidental

f. Guimaras

The Western Visayas region's land resources are devoted to agriculture. Sugar cane covers the majority of the areas of Negros Occidental and rain-fed or irrigated palay in Aklan, Antique, Capiz, Iloilo and Guimaras.

The region's fishing grounds can produce a large variety of marine, fishery and aquaculture products. It is one of the major exporters of prawns, tuna, and other fish products in the whole country.

Western Visayas is rich in mineral and non-mineral resources. Metallic ore reserves found in the region include primary copper, iron, and pyrite.

The region is a good place for investment. The number one advantage of the region is fertile soil, which can grow a wide variety of agricultural commodities throughout the year.

Natural attractions like Boracay in Aklan and Guimaras Island make the region a major tourist destination. Its rich cultural heritage provides a microcosm of Philippine culture and heritage.

The region's ports and airports are well kept to facilitate and accommodate the inflow and outflow of commodities in the region. The deep natural harbor in the city of Iloilo has the potential to become a major gateway for the region's produce.

However, the region's greatest asset is its skilled manpower resource. With proper training and capability building, the people of the region can pave the way for industrial growth and expansion of Western Visayas.



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