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Nerita Estampador-Ulep, M.D., F.A.A.P


Reduce the Risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

SIDS also known as crib death, strikes nearly 5,000 babies

in the U.S. every year. SIDS is unexplained sudden death of

an infant under one year of age. Most SIDS occur when a baby is

one to four months old. More boys than girls are victims and

most deaths happen in fall, winter and early spring.

After thirty years of research one definite cause or causes of SIDS

is still undetermined. However research have found some ways to

to reduce the risks of SIDS.

Healthy babies should sleep on their back. Some babies first

don’t like to sleep on their back. However they can get use to it.

Your baby can be placed on his or her side but back sleeping

is the best position. If your baby is made to sleep on his or her

side make sure the lower arm is forward in position to prevent

him or her from rolling over onto the stomach.

Make sure your baby sleeps on a firm surface. Don’t use fluffy

comforter or blankets. Don’t use pillows or other soft materials or

waterbed. Don’t place stuffed toys in the crib. Keep the temperature

in the room comfortable but not too warm. Keep your baby’s

environment smoke free. Babies and children exposed to smoke

have more colds and other diseases and have increased risk for SIDS.

The risk for SIDS is higher for babies whose mother smoked

during pregnancy. Don’t drink alcohol or use drugs unless prescribed

by your physician

Lastly breastfeeding should be considered. Breast milk helps keep your

baby healthy.


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