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End-of-the-Year Review

By: Pearl Garganera-Gauzon


It seemed like only yesterday that the torch was passed. In a year’s span, AIM among other things, set up its own website joining the Global Village, so to speak; heeded the plea for assistance by shipping medicines to "Help Panay," a non-governmental organization; maintained contact with the Membership through the Newsletter; hosted discussions on Philippine issues; participated in a national dialogue hosted by the National Federation of Filipino-American Associations ((NaFFAA), where cutting-edge issues were discussed and viable solutions offered; joined in the first time-ever celebration of "Paskohang Pinoy," enhanced AIM’s visibility in the Philippine-American community through its interaction with international organizations and the Philippine Embassy; attended briefings on Philippine current events; and, rendered support to AIM’s members in their hour of need. Next month, AIM will partner with Feed the Hungry (FtH) in spreading goodwill and cheer to indigent families in Iloilo, Negros Occidental and Antique. While there, AIM and FtH will sit down with schools, charitable organizations and NGOs to explore the feasibility of supporting sustainable economic, educational and charitable projects.

The talent, skill and commitment of AIM’s members made all these possible! Teamwork played a major role as well.

We are about to close the door on the 20th century. As the next millennium is headed our way, it is indeed heartening to note that AIM is marching with the times. Almost every day, its website is being visited by Ilonggos/Ilonggas from Switzerland, Australia, Germany, Canada,  and practically all parts of the Philippines, not to mention the United States. Their heartwarming comments spur us on to enhance the website. One way of doing this is by incorporating articles (printed in the newsletter) and pictures. Plans are underway to do just that.

Rarely do we find selflessness and when we do, it should be extolled and shared with others.

Setting up a website was but a germ of an idea; a ball to be batted for a homerun. Along came someone who spontaneously offered his services. He worked on it, stayed focused, stoically bore the birth pains until one day in October . . . WHAM!, AIM’s website was born:


Benjamin J. Tirol (BJ for short)…

AIM salutes you; is grateful for your selflessness.




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